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Mature content
Sing For Me :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 23 8
Mature content
Far-Off Memories :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 26 8
Dratini and Drifloon - Never Leave by Airy-Eri Dratini and Drifloon - Never Leave :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 0 0 Winter Poke Ball 2011 by Airy-Eri Winter Poke Ball 2011 :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 0 0 Dratini Heart by Airy-Eri Dratini Heart :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 1 0
Flowers of the Sun
Russia x Reader
_________ made sure to stomp her shoes on the rug just outside her back door, to get most of the dirt off, before entering her house.  She had been spending more and more time in her orchards – mainly because of all the new fruits the other nations had been sending her.  It was well known that _________ had never met a fruit she didn't like.  In fact, fruit made up a great majority of her diet.  The little pastries she made with fruit tucked inside were also a nice treat that some of the other nations looked forward to at the World Meetings.  But, that was beside the point.  
Earlier that week, China had sent her a box full of these delightful little yellow fruits called 'mangoes.'  Having never seen anything like it before, _________ made sure to try a slice of one – before she made a dash for the phone and called the ancient nation up, asking what it was.  After getting a
:iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 70 64
Dratini and the Dragon Clan Elder - Wizard Locket by Airy-Eri Dratini and the Dragon Clan Elder - Wizard Locket :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 0 0
Put Ya Guns On
Switzerland x Reader
The sun felt warm on _________'s cheeks, as she was in her yard pulling fruit off of the trees.  The World Meeting had ended a few hours ago, and _________ was back in her (temporary) home to begin preparation for tomorrow's snacks.  No one had asked her to do it, but she figured it was the least she could do since she was new to these meetings and all.  That, and it was a show of good will (and hospitality, though she wasn't the host country.  America was, this time around) at her house.  So, as soon as she got home, she changed out of those rigidly formal clothes and into something a little more comfortable.  She was dressed in her 'usual outfit' – a long, tunic-top made out of a light cottony material and capris to match.  She would have gone barefoot, but decided against it – while she was keen on making herself comfortable, she had to remember to mind her manner and appeara
:iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 50 14
Mature content
Always :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 89 79
Dratini and Jumpluff - Hug by Airy-Eri Dratini and Jumpluff - Hug :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 1 2 Dratini - Teeth by Airy-Eri Dratini - Teeth :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 2 0 Dratini - Winter Poke-Ball 2k11 by Airy-Eri Dratini - Winter Poke-Ball 2k11 :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 1 0 Dratini and Ho-Oh - Hug by Airy-Eri Dratini and Ho-Oh - Hug :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 1 0
Fire Dancers
The flames that rose into the sky,
The smoke that billowed far and wide.
Let the dancers dance about
And draw the people into the crowd.
Wonder, amusement, fear and awe;
These are the expressions that we saw
As they stared into the fire
That kept growing higher and higher.
Light reflected from their eyes
As gray ash darkened up the sky.
And the dancers, how joyous they were!
They danced with feathers, not with fur.
Oceans waves in rhythm with feet,
The fire in the middle giving off heat.
Stand in a circle; gather around.
Just be quiet, don't make a sound.
Grass skirts swaying here and there,
Sand is flying everywhere.
Applause from the people, cheers from one,
The dance at the beach luau is done.
:iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 0 0
Dratini Martini by Airy-Eri Dratini Martini :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 5 8 Dratini Halloween 2k11 by Airy-Eri Dratini Halloween 2k11 :iconairy-eri:Airy-Eri 1 0

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Tips for Improving and Enriching Your Writing
Tips for Improving and Enriching Your Writing
Know the fundamentals of writing. If you don't know these or need help with them look copy and paste this link into your adress bar
Know your audience. You need to be aware of the audience your writing is targeted towards. You'd never catch a zoologist using a children's picture book to learn about zebras!
Have an engaging opening sentence. This is your big chance at getting the reader interested after the title, and possibly a description! Use it well.
Shorter can be better.  Shorter paragraphs, shorter sentences. A sentence doesn't have to be a run-on sentence to be considered too long. If your writing becomes too long you may loose the interest of some of your readers. Think short and sweet, but keep in mind short sentences make time fly by. Having longer sentences will slow tim
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I've been working on a few (about four) different stories over the past few weeks.  Only problem is I lost the inspiration I had when I began writing them in the first place.  It's a shame I started writing them when classes were still in session, so of course I never had time to work on them until now.  Thus, they're sitting around, unfinished, among my files.  I can't seem to pick up where I left off and it bothers me that I'm itching to write but can't figure out what to write.  

So, I'm turning to you guys.

Kindly bombard me with your requests.  I don't ask for anything in return--just that I find something that'll give me the inspiration to write again.  I may or may not say which requests are the ones I choose, but if I do write your request I'll be sure to include it in the description.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope to hear from you lot soon.


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I don't consider myself an artist. Whatever pieces of art I crank out are for pure fun - or for my Ask Dratini blog. (You should ask Dratini some question).
Writing is my passion - I just wish I had more time to write.

P.S. If you take the time to comment on my work, I try to take the time to reply to you - every single one of you.

Other Nicknames/Aliases:
- Eriol
- Dratini (tumblr)
- Geotis (Gaia Online)
- Cruza (Fanfiction)
- Imouto-Neko-Chan (Quizilla)
Age: Twenty-Three
Ethnicity: Filipino
Occupation: College Student
Major: Asian Studies

- Project (dot) Hack (includes games, MUSIC, and manga starting from .hack//SIGN)
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn
- Axis Powers Hetalia
- Saint Seiya (including Lost Canvas and Episode G)
- Prince of Tennis
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- Pokemon: Dragonite
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- KHR Family: Varia
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